Postal address​​​​​​: 

P O Box 201080, Auckland 2150

New Zealand


Head office / Warehouse 1​​

Warehouse 2: 17 Timberly Rd. Mangere

Warehouse 3: 70A Plunket Ave. Wiri

Warehouse 4: C/D 28 Verissimo Drive


Unless otherwise contracted, all business is conducted under our standard Terms and Conditions of Trade

Garment Care

We operate steam tunnels and associated equipment designed to ensure that garments reach stores in top condition, ready for sale. We offer a national garment-on-hanger distribution service.


We are experienced in quality control procedures as part of the inwards processing of stock. Most clients request us to perform basic checks, such as checking labels and price ticket accuracy.


Our staff are experienced with garment handling and will also provide a basic level of QA. Our Garment Care division is well resourced with in-house steaming and pressing facilities. We have a 5-chamber Veit steam tunnel with an average capacity of 1,200 units per hour and other specialised equipment to ensure garments are at their best when they arrive in the retail stores.


We provide in-house a range of additional services like hanging garments and re-printing and applying price tickets and swing tags.